Mayor’s Plenary Session. Thursday, October 1, 2020

Mayor’s Plenary Session. Thursday, October 1, 2020

Many of our neighbours in Daya Vieja have asked me to explain the actions in infrastructure and works
being carried out and also to explain many of the malicious publications and some, in my opinion, even
false that a certain face book profile called “ Nos gusta Daya Vieja” publishes…If they really liked and
wanted what I want for Daya Vieja they would not publish these kinds of comments. If you really cared
you would ask those questions of the City Council through the e-mail service Ayuntamiento Daya Vieja
which processes complaints and suggestions. or for those people who are unable to use this method
they can come and speak to me personally. No one is excluded.

Unlike before, there is a Mayor here every day to solve any problems and clarify any doubts.

These publications only denote a partisan and sectarian interest on the part of the opposition group and
specifically by its spokesman councilor.

Before I give the relevant answers, I have to say something to the opposition spokesperson.

It is sad that the person who has been Mayor of this municipality for 16 years has nothing else to do in
an entire year of tenure ,with an unprecedented climatic catastrophe and a health crisis as traumatic as
the one we are living in has nothing better to do but commemorate the felling of trees( unsuitable in
their location) or, the arrangement of a kerb that has been broken for many years with the consequent
danger to citizens…..Absolutely sad.

But I am not going into defamatory or bad assessments .It is clear what their intentions are. This attitude
is not a new political area It is to hold on to power and collect a public salary regardless of the
consequences of its decisions for the municipality and its citizens.

Having said that I will explain the development of this first year of office.

First of all, so that we can understand what is really going on we have to explain where we are coming
from and the inheritance left behind by our predecessors.

3million,300 thousand euros of financial debt. In addition to 300 thousand euros in open pending
application to the budget. That is unpaid invoices since 2018….200 thousand euros of a court judgement
to the POU. 86 thousand euros of invoices of the project of the industrial estate ( it does not exist nor
will it, )not because I say but because the Government of the Valencian Community says so They have
said this since 2007.If I remember correctly it is the same people who were in charge in Autonomy,
Provincial Council and Municipal Government.

This poor economic management has led us to the intervention by the Ministry of Finance and to
sanctions on taxes, procurement and investment that I will explain.
We have been ordered to approve management plans, financial consolidation plans and adjustment
plans. We have been ordered to approve all of the measures in the legislation to be able to deal with the
debts of Daya Vieja.

With regard to municipal direct taxes we are obliged by the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance to have
them at the maximum rate that is allowed and by the way, it was already at the maximum before this
new government team took over.

Regarding recruitment, these same sanctions prevent us from directly recruiting cleaning and
maintenance personnel and administration staff. The guidelines set by the Ministry itself are not only
that we cannot hire new staff but that we must also reduce expenditure in Sector 1 of the budget.

This means that we are obliged to reduce expenditure on the staff budget. Hence when our local police
ask for a secondment, for whatever reason, we are obliged to grant them in order to comply with the
guidelines of the Ministry of Hacienda in addition to being a recognized right. This is not to say we do
not have a local policeman. The commission of service is revoked either by the mayor or the official
himself, as has been the case after the acquisition of the new patrol vehicle thus settling the controversy
of whether or not we had local police. We never stopped having police. Their seats as officials are here
in Daya Vieja and as I said, service commissions are revoked when it is considered necessary and not
when the opposition group makes false or malicious posts like saying that we do not have local police.

Demagoguery unfortunately is something too common in politics.It can lead to the belief of part of the
population that the solution goes through the mayor not paying or lowering the salary even more…A
resounding NO !! I do not know ,nor have I met anyone who works selflessly ,having the dedication
and involvement that I dedicate to this project. Performing tasks that are not even in my area of
expertise like pruning, maintaining and bracing the monumental palm trees.

On this point I clarify the doubts raised by the opposition spokesperson at the last Pleno.

Here is the technical report of the Professor of the University of Alicante, Salvador Ivorra Chorros.
Doctor of Industrial Engineering and specialist in rigid and dynamic braces such as is the case of the work
carried out on the palms outside the ayuntamiento.

This “gardenerucho” as you rated me in the last Pleno is very proud that the University of Alicante and
the professor himself encouraged this work. devised, planned and supervised together with the
company ATLANTIR a company that proved to live up to the difficulty of the work to which the report
refers. This “gardenerucho” is very proud not only for the recognition of the experts but even more for
having found a solution to the security problem posed by these palms.

Reminding him that the work cost 12.500 euros compared to 40.000 euros that he spent on the previous
bracing that did not solve the problem but actually made it worse. I don’t say this is in the report
from the University of Alicante.

ON the other hand I have to explain why the trees on Calle Presidente Adolfo Suarez were removed and
what action will be taken. The trees (weeping willows) 7 years old were considered unsuitable for that
location. The amount of leaves etc. that they produce and deposit on the pavement was dangerous,
especially to elderly people with mobility problems. It is planned to replant with a more suitable species
according to the location. Not only that, it is also planned to replant the 9 trees that died during his
tenure in Parque Juan Pablo Segundo. and which were never replaced. In addition 30 specimens of a
variety of trees have already been planted according to the need for shade around the sport facility of
the football field. Also contemplated in this years budget. The planting of 250 trees of different species
for the adaptation of the Parque Familia Aragon, Parque Juan Pablo Segundo and other areas of
municipal use.

With this I would like to say that in our first year in office ,more trees will be planted with the municipal
budget than in the 16 years that you were head of this Town Hall settling the doubts and problems
invented and without political or sociological argument by the opposition group.

Also worthy of note is the improvement of lighting on the roundabouts of the CV860 entrance to the
municipality ( which have also been abandoned for many years ) Reaching agreement with the
Territorial Service of Public Works of Alicante that belongs to the Ministry of Public Works and Mobility
of the Generalitat Valenciana. Not only have the improvements been made to lighting but also in
landscaping and green spaces.

Funds have been provided, and I repeat with municipal budget for lighting to El Marco road, El Marco
Site, Puente la Loza, Parque Jaun Pablo segundo, Parque Familiar Aragon, the roundabout with access to
the urbanizations, entrance to the town by the CV901 and the auditorium of the cultural centre La
Acequia.(party enclosure )

In this auditorium we’ve also replaced the wooden slats from the floor (also broken for many years and
dangerous) with a more appropriate and safe flooring, both for the fiesta celebrations and for the daily
use of neighbours and visitors, Summer School, cinema,theatre and various sport activities that take
place here.It is used by The Womens Association, The Third Age Association and The Youth as well as
non-profit making associations.

The work that has been carried out in terms of cleaning on public roads is also worth noting.The roads
Puente la Loza, Camino El Marco ( both sides) and Camino Las Arenas were cleared of years of
accumulated rubbish ,plastic and brush. Not only the municipal cleaning services but also with the
collaboration of some neighbours who when out walking collect the rubbish discarded by thoughtless
people in natural public places, thus contributing to the good image of the village and its surroundings. I
invite you all to do the same , not forgetting that these antisocial acts can carry a fine and are
categorised by the Municipal Ordinance.

AT this point I would like to clarify the doubt that arises with Way of the Menargues.This path is
privately owned,with all that this implies.However,a project is being worked on so that it could become
municipally owned and thus be eligible for aid in terms of lighting ,asphalting and maintenance.But lets
not kid ourselves ..It’s not going to happen overnight and probably not in this mandate. “ The things of
the Palace go slowly “This is an example of this.

We have got around to finishing the work of Sector S1 (urbanization behind the pool) It has been
unfinished for more than 10 years. and is finally being completed.

As for the Urban Planning plan. Work is also being done making viable a sustainable urban growth
project in line with the needs and resources available to us. All this without leaving aside the urban
development of the municipality which is undoubtably very important for the economic and social
development of Daya Vieja.

In economic matters, work has also been done during the last year drawing up the 2020 budgets and
working already so that the 2021 are approved as of Dec. 31st.2020. as it is understood to be in
budgetary matters, and not as had been the case until now that the budget had been extended since
2016 at best.

In order for everything previously dictated to have been carried out to fruition, the labour and position
organization of the City Council itself was essential, with the figure of the Enabled National, experts in
accounting of the Public Administration, experts in Urban Planning and developlng an organisation chart
of work and relationship of competence and positions. Something that was totally non-existent in the
last 16 years of his term.

Having said all this I will tell you all that the opposition group is not interested in talking about financial
debt, operations pending to be applied to the budget, adjustment plans, management plans, financial
consolidation plans, economic matters, investment, hiring, urban planning or so many other things that
are getting worse for our people and neighbours.

Look at the little interest that you showed on what could have been the most important plenos of the
year. The pleno where our first budgets were approved (with the inexperience you mentioned on the
day of our inauguration ) That day ,the day you would be aware of what we were going to spend the
money of our contributors on. That day the spokesperson of the opposition did not come.He preferred
to be at a party in Alicante.

It is the disqualification of the Government team, through false news and various entanglements that
are of no use to the political and economic development of the people and which as I said before are
only due to partisan and sectarian interest.

I strongly urge you to meet your threats, to be my shadow and to start doing the work your neighbours
voted for which is, nothing more than control and control of the Government team.That will be the way
that has a positive impact on the benefit of each and every one of our neighbours.Do real politics,
politics for the benefit of neighbours and stop doing the “SALVAME POLITICO”of the Vega Baja region.

I hope to have clarified the doubts that have arisen and invite neighbours to bring those doubts,
concerns or complaints to the City Council. Social media is just that. Social ,where everyone says what
they want. With or without criteria. But it is not the official way to go to the City Council.It is understood
that over many years the political team at the head of the Consistory did not provide the opportunity to
speak with its neighbours and that created bad social habits, but as I said before there is now a
Government team to serve each and every one of our neighbours. So, that is what I said , I invite any
doubts, complaints, concerns or contributions of ideas to be brought to the Ayuntamiento and we will
try to respond as quickly as possible. Thank you very much and sorry for being so long but I think it was
necessary to clarify all of this.

I don’t want to end without saying this.When we were elected in May 2019 by an absolute majority we
acquired a commitment to govern the municipality both for those who entrusted their vote in this
project and those who didn’t. So,we have been doing so since June 17 th.when we took office and we’ll
continue to do so until we finish our mandate in mid-2023.

IT hasn’t been an easy year, DĀNA and COVID have marked this first years roadmap but we’ve worked
and we’re still working with great enthusiasm to take forward this project called Daya Vieja..

I would like also to make a public recognition of Aida Escalante Rubio…a worker of the City Council for a
youth employment programme (ENCUJU) It is aimed at the employment of young people under the age
of 30 with academic qualifications. (abalem joves plus) and came from LABORA-Valencia Employment
and Training Service.

Aida as I say had been contracted with a contract in internship and without training.What she has given
us is the kind of dedication needed for this project called Daya Vieja.

She entered right after the DANA with the processing of all the documentation that the catastrophe
involved. She had no time to meet her co-workers or bosses but started straight away to process the
various aid and documentation requests. She devoted herself body and soul to her work often assuming
tasks that didn’t apply to her. Always with pleasure, dedication and vocation of service. Thank you for
your hard work and dedication but even more for being who you are. I have at least learned more from
you than you may have learned from me. For all this , thanks Aida.

Good morning and here we finish todays plenary session..

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